Importance of manpower planning

Goals, objectives, planning and organization are all critical, but when it comes down to it, a business will not succeed without the right people in the right places.

importance of manpower planning

Manpower planning is an incredibly important piece of human resources strategy and is key to being sure projects move forward.

Manpower planning is, at its heart, the act of matching the right employees to their ideal roles at the right time. Getting the right employees means evaluating valuable skill sets and knowledge bases to ensure the individuals can, in fact, do the tasks and work expected of them.

It is understanding when certain experience is required, which certifications or degrees will help drive success and what attitudes will help develop the expected business culture. This means HR needs to be able to envision the kind of work to be done in each relevant department and then convert that into a set of specifics to look for when hiring. These employees then need to be placed in the right positions at the right time for the work going on.

HR needs to ensure that roles and departments are properly staffed; this requires HR to envision the workload, then estimate the number of people who will be able to complete these tasks within the desired timeline.

For obvious reasons, the company can not hire infinite employees, so this means balancing the desired output with the cost of manpower. These employees then need to be integrated into the workplace and ready to work together as a team to complete projects as they come down the pipeline. Keep in mind that in the future, the term "manpower planning" will likely be phased out, in favor of the more contemporary term "workforce planning". The latter is a much more inclusive term that does not isolate specific groups of employees based upon gender or sex.

This also defines the difference between human resources and Human Resources. In this context, human resources are the actual people employed by the company that are available to complete work; they are resources that happen to be human. Human Resources, the department, is the team of workers responsible for HR work like employee management, recruiting, training and development.

The importance of manpower in an organization cannot be overstated. This may seem like a lot of work for something that seems like it should be simple: hiring people with the right backgrounds and putting them to work. But good planning is important because hiring mistakes can be incredibly costly to fix, both in time and money. Some of the advantages of proper manpower planning include:. With this all in mind, the need for upfront planning within any organization seems obvious.

Understanding future human needs means HR has to be connected to the overall business strategy, with an understanding of the type and amount of work that will need to be undertaken to meet these future goals. In order for Human Resources to be able to plan and execute a manpower strategy, there are certain steps that need to be taken in the process of manpower planning. First, reevaluate the current human resources that are available. Management should conduct a survey to get a clear picture of the departments that make up the company structure and the number of employees in each department.

This also means gaining an understanding of the purpose and workload for each department, and whether historical data shows the department is understaffed struggling to meet deadlines or overstaffed high budget without a matching output.

In specific cases, it should also involve developing an idea of the available skill sets of employees in the department; this helps determine whether new needs will require new hires or can be covered by training and development of current employees. Next, estimate the future human needs of the business.Manpower Planning which is also called as Human Resource Planning consists of putting right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization.

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Human Resource Planning has got an important place in the arena of industrialization. Human Resource Planning has to be a systems approach and is carried out in a set procedure. The procedure is as follows:. Developing employment programmes- Once the current inventory is compared with future forecasts, the employment programmes can be framed and developed accordingly, which will include recruitment, selection procedures and placement plans.

Design training programmes- These will be based upon extent of diversification, expansion plans, development programmes,etc. Training programmes depend upon the extent of improvement in technology and advancement to take place. It is also done to improve upon the skills, capabilities, knowledge of the workers. Importance of Manpower Planning Key to managerial functions- The four managerial functions, i.

Human resources help in the implementation of all these managerial activities. Therefore, staffing becomes a key to all managerial functions. Efficient utilization- Efficient management of personnels becomes an important function in the industrialization world of today. Seting of large scale enterprises require management of large scale manpower.

It can be effectively done through staffing function. Motivation- Staffing function not only includes putting right men on right job, but it also comprises of motivational programmes, i. Therefore, all types of incentive plans becomes an integral part of staffing function.

Better human relations- A concern can stabilize itself if human relations develop and are strong. Human relations become strong trough effective control, clear communication, effective supervision and leadership in a concern. Staffing function also looks after training and development of the work force which leads to co-operation and better human relations.

Higher productivity- Productivity level increases when resources are utilized in best possible manner. This is possible through the staffing and it's related activities Performance appraisal, training and development, remuneration Need of Manpower Planning Manpower Planning is a two-phased process because manpower planning not only analyses the current human resources but also makes manpower forecasts and thereby draw employment programmes.

Manpower Planning is advantageous to firm in following manner:. View All Articles. Similar Articles Under - Staffing Function.

importance of manpower planning

To Know more, click on About Us. The use of this material is free for learning and education purpose. Please reference authorship of content used, including link s to ManagementStudyGuide. Steps in Manpower Planning Analysing the current manpower inventory- Before a manager makes forecast of future manpower, the current manpower status has to be analysed. For this the following things have to be noted- Type of organization Number of departments Number and quantity of such departments Employees in these work units Once these factors are registered by a manager, he goes for the future forecasting.Manpower planning is the process of estimating the optimum number of people required for completing a project, task or a goal within time.

Manpower planning includes parameters like number of personnel, different types of skills, time period etc. It is a never ending continuous process to make sure that the business has the optimized resources available when required taking into consideration the upcoming future projects and also the replacement of the outgoing employees.

It is also called as Human Resource Planning. Large businesses often work on forecasting and upcoming opportunities in the pipeline. If these opportunities convert into actual business, they would need manpower to start working on them. But the dilemma is that what if they hired a large number of people to work on an almost sure project but at the last moment the project didn't start on time.

What would the business do with the additional skilled manpower. The other dilemma is that if they kept waiting till the last moment for a project and when the project starts they might not have enough manpower to work and deliver. These questions are solved by the process of manpower planning. Manpower planning also includes the details like how and when will new employees be acquired.

This whole process is done keeping in view the goals of the organization, the future predictions for business and changing technology trends. This helps the organization be prepared for the future with the correct manpower at their disposal for business prosperity.

importance of manpower planning

The process can be elaborated in detail below. HR department of every company has to constantly keep an eye on the human resources that the company has. With every possible event like change industry dynamics, increase in business requirements, skills required for a particular technology etc, the need for having better resources increases.

The Importance of Manpower in Planning

Understanding the existing workforce: The HR department has to thoroughly understand the manpower available with the company. They should examine the background, skill set, qualification, location etc of the entire work force so that they have a good idea regarding the pool of talent which the company has. Forecasting for the future: With constant changes in business requirements, companies must understand the future trend and which type of employees would be best suited for their organization.

Hence, companies must examine, evaluate and forecast the type of employee workforce they want in the future years.Manpower planning is also known as human resources planning. Every organization has goals. But to achieve those goals or move the company forward, people with a common interest must come together or must be hired.

The number of individuals required to accomplish the said goal also has to available. Manpower planning is a broad topic.

Manpower Planning – Meaning, Need, Importance

It is also critical to every firm, irrespective of size. When a company hires the right employees, in terms of skills and number, it would be much easier for them to move forward. But when reverse is the case, the business can crumble before you know it.

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So, in this post, we will take a close look at manpower planning, importance and why it is needed. The definition of manpower planning is simple and straightforward. Manpower planning is also called human resource planning. Another definition of this term involves estimating the right number of people needed to complete specific tasks within a given time frame. For example, the company XYZ is building a house and wants to complete it in days. So, their target is to finish up the building in days right?

Since the duration and goal of the project are known, the next thing would be to plan. The planning will not only involve estimating the materials needed for the job.

The manager also needs to calculate the number of human resources employees or workers that would be required to complete the project within the stipulated time. However, human resources planning also involves figuring out how and when employees or workers will be hired and sent to their respective positions. It also takes into account the skills and strengths of each worker. Effective human resource planning is vital for every business. So, it is one aspect of human resource management that should not be treated lightly.

Human resources planning involves different steps, which are critical to the process. Knowledge of the various phases will benefit the company in the long run.

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In this case, the manager will have to analyze the status of the current human resources he or she has before making any future forecast. Before the prediction, the manager through an inventory needs to understand the following situations. However, until the manager finds the answers to these factors, he or she might not be able to make futuristic plans regarding the human resources needs of the company.

The manager must first and foremost determine the factors that are affecting human resources planning. These include the firm type, number of departments, the employee working in each unit and so on. After the manager has successfully determined the future manpower needs of the firm, the next step would be to develop recruitment, selection process and placement of employees to satisfy that need.

Employees will not only be added to the company but given adequate training to perform at their best.

They will also develop the needed skills for that particular job. The basis for establishing a business is to make a profit. With that in mind, many companies through effective manpower planning process hire and train their employees to perform optimally in various positions.

The point here is, manpower planning enables an organization not only to hire the needed staff but provide adequate training that will enhance their skills for the job. Another reason there will be high productivity is that the company will no longer experience wastage of time, money and other resources too.

With increased productivity through effective manpower planning, firms can reduce their labor costs. Of course, when employees with the needed skills are hired, jobs will be handled effectively. Through manpower planning, the manager or firm in question will be able to analyze and determine the future human resources needs of the firm. The implication is that highly talented employees will be hired and equipped with the needed skills for the job.Manpower planning is a very important tool and technique of human resource management.

It basically aims at maintaining and improving the ability of an organisation to attain the goals of an organisation by developing and utilising properly its human resources. Importance of Manpower Planning 2. Manpower Estimation3. Preparing Manpower Inventory 4. Process of Manpower Planning. Methods 6.

Determining Manpower Gaps. Needs 8. Framework 9. Approaches for Developing Manpower Planning Thus, Manpower Planning plays an important role at both the micro as well as the macro level. It is found today that more complex technologies are functioning in economic, social, business environments. As a result, the organisations face shortages of the right type of human resources. Manpower planning enables to get the right type of personnel in the organisation. It is very essential for the management to estimate the structure of its organisation at a given point of time.

For this estimation, the number, type, qualifications, qualities etc. In fact, many environmental and other factors affect this determination of manpower. Important factors amongst them are business forecast, development, expansion and growth of the organisation itself, management philosophy and policy, government policy, design and structural changes, product and human skills mix, competition etc. It has made clear that the objectives of an organisation are decided and defined by the top management.

The role of human resource department is to sub-serve the overall objectives by ensuring the availability and optimum utilisation of human resources.

Therefore, manpower estimation is required to be done properly which involves the estimation of the quantity and quality of right type of people or human force. It is obvious that the basis of the manpower estimation should be the annual budget and also long-term corporate plan. For this purpose, certain techniques such as managerial judgement, ratio-trend analysis, and Delphi technique can be used. The main dimensions of HR planning, estimation of manpower are as follows:.

Manpower estimation can help an organisation to retain the desired employees longer and keep them functioning more efficiently and more productively at a reasonable cost.

Specifically, it can help to achieve the following objectives:. Manpower estimation definitely helps an organisation to manage its human resources in a better way and more effectively with dynamic situations. It should be noted that all organisations, especially those which have a high labour turnover must systematically do their short-terms, medium-term as well as long-term manpower estimation and human resource planning.

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Further, in order to meet the changing conditions, periodical reviews and adjustments are also necessary. In order to achieve effective HRP by doing manpower estimation properly, the duties involved and the skills required for performing all the jobs in an organisation, necessary information is required to be collected in respect of various jobs to be performed.

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Manpower Planning

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importance of manpower planning

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Human Resource planning: Objectives , importance and Process

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